We Love What We Do!

A NEW Kind of Company

My Florida dreams is owned and operated by 4 friends who came from different places and very different backgrounds. We all had a dream of retiring to Florida and enjoying the blessings this tropical paradise has to offer but I’m pretty sure none of us could have foreseen owning a business that sells mobile homes in Florida. But here we are and We Love What We Do!

We have created the business we always wanted to be a part of when we were working for other people.  Of course that doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously because we work hard for you but we also want to have fun doing it.  We said goodbye to suits and ties and hello to something a lot more comfortable.  Don’t be surprised if we show up on our golf cart to drive you around to look at mobile homes for sale.  You’ll love the breeze and I promise you, it’ll put a smile on your face.  In short, you’re not our business….YOU’RE OUR NEW NEIGHBORS.  We’ll be here after the sale because this is where we call home and will be happy to help you find your way here in Colony Cove.

A Mobile Home Park?

I’ll be honest, when the idea of living in a mobile home retirement community came up, my first thoughts were….let’s just say….not positive.  Where I come from mobile home parks are not necessarily a gathering place of culture, and they certainly are not where you would want to send your parents to retire, but I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried!

Colony Cove is an amazing place to live.  The streets are lined with Palm Trees, Live Oaks, and Monkey Trees.  People take pride in living there and it shows.  You always see people out walking, riding bikes, or riding around in their golf carts.  Most mornings people are on their porches and lanais enjoying their coffee and chatting as they enjoy the laziness of another morning in our tropical paradise.  I often joke with people back home that it’s like Mayberry with Palm Trees, and I mean that in the BEST possible way.  It really is a throwback to earlier times. Neighbors genuinely care about and check on each other regularly….Like I said….I couldn’t have been more wrong!

If you are looking for an active retirement community with lots of amenities and would like to see any of our mobile homes for sale in Ellenton, Florida, or are looking to sell your mobile home, please CONTACT US.